Considering SC5000, workflow question

Hi everyone! Until last week, I was set to upgrade from my Pioneer CDJ-2000’s to NXS’s but then I stumbled upon an SC5000 at a local music store and was quite amazed how intuitive the UI was and how good the ROI seemed to be.

For the past days I’ve read all the information I can get (the good and the bad) and my mind is now set on purchasing the unit(s) asap :slight_smile:

To my question. I currently manage my library in Rekordbox, mainly because the venues I regularly play at have CDJ setups (everything from original 2000-series to NxS2). Also this is a common setup at the local radio stations.

I’m quite pedantic at setting up hot cues, memory loops and using MyTags/comments on my tracks. I also use dynamic beatgrids for older disco & house, but this is not essential since I come from a vinyl background and have spun for 20+ so I rely on my ears mostly. I also like to use smart playlists.

Sooo - would something like this work?

  • Keep my library management in Rekordbox - analyse new tracks daily, keep the playlist there etc.
  • Use ■■■■ periodically to convert the library to Engine Prime
  • Use the converted library at home (and in the future at gigs) with the SC5000’s

I understand the SC5000’s can import Rekordbox directly, but I don’t see it as the way to go. I’d rather convert & analyse on the laptop. I assume that ■■■■ can spot and update changes in a big library ie. not convert the whole library every time.

Is there anything I’m missing? Many thanks in advance!

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For details on DeCU’s operation, this is probably not the best forum for that. The creator of that I think has some forum or reddit somewhere.

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I also still use RB as my master and use DECU as the conversion tool.


Is the a decu for windows?

I’m in the same boat. Will keep using rekordbox to organize my collection and use the converter. I’m going to check out the converter to see how it works. Definitely want to get the sc5000s, when they are in stock.

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Boom! SC5000 ordered. I will report my library management/conversion findings here, if you’re interested?


FYI, as for today the SC5000s don’t support MyTags/comments. Hopefully they will implement it somehow at some point.

Could I ask you how many tracks do you have in your library? I’m finding the SC5000s great and my only gripes are with library management.


Looking forward to your findings.

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True, I’m aware of that limitation. However, I mainly use them for creating Smart Playlists inside RB.

I try to keep my library under 256 GB. But, my ”active” library is quite a bit smaller. I also use smart playlists to sort that. I haven’t really taken a look at how many tracks there are. Then there’s also the vinyl, but these days I usually just record the ones I need to use with the CDJ’s. I do still do buy quite a bit of releases on vinyl.

My approach to RB seems to be very similar to Avalon Emerson’s, though I don’t archive my old sets. Or at least not yet :slight_smile:

nope Mac only, I’m a windows guy but even bought macbook specifically for this. I know there are ways to have Mac OS running on a windows machine )

Also love this feature and use it all the time. Pretty this will also be added in EP in a future update…

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Ik was er al bang voor… Tnx anyway!

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