Considering buying this controller, any things I should be wary off

I have used the MCX8000 and previously owned a Pioneer DDJ SX. The sound of the 8000 is phatter and nicer.

I need a small form controller that is both professional and robust enough to use especially when I have to bring my own gear or something is wrong with my 8000 (as it’s currently is).

Any quirks or bugs I should be aware off with the 6000 MK2

I’m a primarily a Serato user.

I know I loose performance pads and 4 cue points but I’m happy enough to pair it with my Pioneer SP1 if I need to.

How is the jog wheel they look smaller, are they decent enough to scratch with. Not DMC style scratching but babies and the occasional chirps during a typical open format set.

In terms of robust, you won’t find a better brand. The term “built like a tank” is softened paired with Denon DJ gear.

That robustness does go hand in hand with “heavy” - no hollow plastic construction here. Beware therefore of putting this in a case with lots of other items.

Be aware also that if planning on rack mounting the unit, the rack ears are a separate item.

I have no plans to rack mount it. It will be from a bag to table top (booth), plug in, play, after gig, back into bag… home, crash.

watched a few videos, read a few reviews, I’m placing an order for the 6000 MK II.

gonna be very critical with it when I get it.

I will send the MCX8000 back for warranty repairs when I have it.

hopefully I will have a better experience with this controller.

i thought about the 4000 but I don’t like the transport buttons

Got a reasonable deal from bopdj UK. I hope they are official Denon retailers :pray:t6:

Hi, I have mc6000mk2. Buy it because it is stand-alone. Works without laptop, with cd and phono. In this price range there are no others that are.

It doesn’t come with rack mount ears in the box but they are available if you are wanting to secure the mixer in a rack.

Mufasa - I have been using the MC6000 MK2 for about a year and a half (own 2). I use Virtual DJ and have had no serious problems. Initial setup is where often things go wrong (most common mistake). Solid unit overall. Definitely like the size as I do mobile events. It is also mapped for Serato - so you should be good. Fine tune the platter settings to get the right sensitivity for scratching. Pic is in an 8 space over 2 space case. Enjoy & Happy Mixing!

Thanks. I’ve had it for about two weeks now and still running it at home. I left everything at default and so far so good with Serato.

Trying to familiarise myself with the layout especially the location of the filter knobs.