Considering buying a new DenonDJ player

Hi all, I’m a long time DenonDJ user and got onboard DenonDJ when I bought SC3900 media players. Despite DenonDJ dropping support for them, I still enjoy playing with the SC3900’s, aside from the poor metadata functionality the decks still do what I bought them for (have since replaced one start button tact switch and a CD drive tho).

I’ve been thinking of a smaller rig for more casual gigging where I don’t need to do turntablism or dont neseccarily require high performance beatmatching utility etc. Just a simple 2 decks + mic input, something that can do a basic “DJ as a jukebox” type of event or a simple hiphop gig with an MC on the mic and some backing beats going… And wouldn’t you know, its actually very hard to find a good solution!

So far I’ve settled on iPad running Traktor DJ2 app and a NI Traktor S2 mk III controller, but am getting really frustrated by my choice, as Traktor DJ2 app still doesn’t have files integration (■■■ NI?! iPadOS 14 is here, wake up!), and the Traktor S2 controller doesn’t work with other iOS DJing apps that do support files integration. Also what makes iOS DJing painful is the “dongle hell”, and having a DJing system which other DJs cannot use - this solution is far from ideal.

I’ve also started using Tidal Hifi for casual music listening, and the lossless sound quality is wonderful! The Tidal music catalog is pretty comprehensive, as you know.

Now, I’m not remembering DenonDJ all that fondly for how the SC3900 product cycle went during its lifetime, but these new Prime series devices tick a lot of boxes for me - support for all modern file formats, easy track navigation with crates, decent keylock sound, and even Tidal Hifi streaming support. One of these prime series allinones could throw a basic bar/whatever DJ event without breaking a sweat…

So, I’m trying to ask here as an old Denon fan but a present sceptic - how is the Prime GO looking like right now? Seems like the early days at least have neen filled with some issues, but what does to future look like? Do you think DenonDJ will drop this product early like they did with the SC3900’s?

I’d need a solid Tidal playback with the possibility of making crates out of tracks combining stuff from SD card with Tidal, standalone beat grid editing (that actually works and remembers its settings unlike on the SC3900 FFS!), low cut on the mic channel, 44.1kHz AIFF file support with full metadata (album art etc) and Ableton link sync if I decide to add a standalone groovebox into the set. Can PrimeGO do all this, or if not, are the features going to be added in future firmware updates?

Appreciate any thought on these.


Funnily enough, I looked at the 3900s too back when I was on CDs. I almost bought when the the price started dropping. The lower price meant they were more appealing (cheap is good, right?) but I suspected that the price drops might indicate the cessation of the product. I like getting free updates and surprises rather than buying a done and dusted “finished” model, so I held back and waited on my old set up. Now I’ve just bought 2 x SC5000s.

As the 3900 was a top of the line player maybe you shouldn’t be looking at a GO unless the single most important feature for you is battery. The GO is a prime but only just, from my way of looking at it, with its owners already asking for things to be added, that I was surprised didn’t feature already on the GO, like cueing LED meters on the channels

The prime 2 might be Closer to what you want, but people have here commented that there’s not a lot of price difference between the prime2 and the prime 4 - but there’s a lot more features. So for you, perhaps the prime 4 is worth a good look.

None of the Prime range can combine streams and local tracks into playlists, or fully edit beatgrids (slide left/right only, no BPM adjust). The Go does not have any mic EQ at all. No Prime unit has Ableton Link either.

It’s all been requested, but that’s as far as it’s gone.

Thanks but no. I want a small complementary setup for casual, smaller gigs. If I’m going to be lugging something that big around as a Prime2/Prime4, then I might as well just be bringing my SC3900’s. The whole idea in me considering the GO idea is to have a backpackable system.

I know exactly what I need for these type of events; music playback with good track navigation gets me 85% of the way there. Playing records in bars, pubs, galleries etc are often a bit “boring” and barebones things, you just need to be able to cue the next song on the headphones and press play, and maybe “sync DJ” for a bit towards the later hours of the night. And I often feel like the SC3900’s are overkill for something like that. I don’t have a car so lugging the full kit around feels dumb.

@PKtheDJ : Thanks for the info. Seems like I need to wait a while longer and seeing how the firmwares develop.

Doesn’t sound like DenonDJ has changed much from the SC3900 days innit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would say don’t let those things deter you from buying the Go. It’s still ideal for your needs, and it’s a unique product.

I love the go. I have both, go and prime 4. I have used the go for a radio gig and will use it for outside gigs and weddings. I also have battery powered speakers, fully portable.

The go has a different layout to conventional consoles but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. No mic eq as yet but as is it work fine for me. Track preview works great. Effects are pretty nice too, probably better feature set than prime 2, as there is a filter and wash using filter knob. Only one effect bank but can be applied to deck a and B, if required.

I really like it as a portable easy set up option. Plus, it’s super fun. Hope that’s helped.

I think I will end up buying a Prime Go, but will wait a while to see the firmware mature a lil more. Ableton link and mic EQ shouldn’t be too impossible things to get added. I’ll only buy the Prime Go in its current state if a superb low price deal comes my way.

The mixed crates thing isnt actually a showstopper since I can still combine selections from two or more crates manually. And just having a beatgrid nudge and the option of entering a BPM value manually will be enough to get by… But low cut eq is a must-have for keeping mic feedback issues in check.

You’ll be waiting more than “a while”. :joy:

The pace Denon work at is…well let’s just say that in comparison, a snail seems like Lewis Hamilton.

Several years ago, even 18 months ago, I would have said your analogy was still correct.

I think that the way that the firmware and software update releases have happened over the last year especially have been released with far shorter waits between than previously.

If Denon we’re trying to show that their dedication to firmware and software was improved over their old ways, I’d say they’re really succeeding at showing that.

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