Connecting VL12's to X1800 controlled by Serato

Hi guys, are the VL12’s controllable by Serato though the X1800? Cant seem to get it working. Have followed all the instructions and when its plugged in my Serato picks up the mixer, but when pressing play on the turntable, no signal is sent through. Have plugged into phono, selected decks in setup and made sure selector is on DVS and USB1. Regards Morgan

Standard X1800 channel setup = deck number Serato.

I have a Technics on channel3 of the X1800; in menu I’ve set DVS to phono signal for channel3 and in Serato it then controls deck3. Selector on DVS ofcourse, like you stated.

edit: You do have Clubkit or the DVS add-on in Serato, I presume!?