Connecting to wifi with login page

Hey so I’m currently living in on campus housing at a university, and my wifi requires a login through a browser on the device. I don’t know if there’s already plans to integrate this into the firmware, but it would be very helpful, as many of my gigs are also for the university, and I would be using that wifi during gigs.

No captive portals are not supported. And I think it never will.

A workaround: You can connect with an Android phone to the wifi, accept the terms on the phones browser, go to Android settings, connections, mobile hotspot and tethering, USB tethering and connect your phone to your Prime with USB Cable Didn’t test with Apple, but with my Android this works.

I hope it will someday… A lot of mobile DJ’s will have this problem on different locations. I know it’s not an easy job to implement a webbrowser, but they might succeed one day

You should be able to make your phone connect to the building WiFi to connect to the internet then just make the simple connection from prime to your phones hotspot.

Or does that not work either for this ?( I’ve not tried the streaming yet )