Connect two X1800 for 8 channel operation

Any suggestion to link two x1800 or one x1800 and an x1850 together. In the manual it sais you can use the digital out with the digital link in via a so called digital cinch cable.

Has anyone already done this?

Which cable exactly is needed?

It is only one cable as there is only one digital link port on each mixer?

Any settings required in the utility section of the mixers?

I want to connect one x1800 and one x1850. Main output to PA then via the x1850. SC5000s are connected to x1850, drum machines and synths are connected to x1800.

It’s 1 single cable from the digital output of one mixer to the digital input of the second mixer.

Because it’s a digital signal rather than analogue, you only need 1 cable.

Use digital link and check on both mixers the master behaviour in mixer link. This way You can use one master knob for both mixers. One will bypass, the other one (that will be used as master output), will use the master knob to set the master volume of both signals.