connect a USB CD-ROM

It is possible to connect a CD-ROM USB to the player SC5000?

Currently not, maybe in the future with an update.

Well to be honest, since we asked for this feature in March 2017 and never got an official reply from the Denon team I’m guessing this is not coming

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What would be the advantage of doing this?

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I think this would be a terrible bad thing.

Cd Ron drives change a lot from good expensive types to very garbage.

I understand there would be some DJ s buying cheap rubbish cd Ron drive and getting bad play results and blaming of the SC5000 for what is real the cheap garbage cd Ron player

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Why not just rip those cd’s to digital and play them via usb on the player (using the USB cd-rom drive)?

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Well… In our case I have 12 mobile DJ setups on the road on a night. Then first of all, buying 12 (i.e.) Apple Superdrives would be a way cheaper solution then buying 12 laptops, and they are easier to carry around at all time and less susceptible to theft and damage.

And they can playback a CD that the customer or act suddenly pops up with right away instead of having to mess around first to rip and transfer on USB stick during the DJ set. In my opinion the DJ should focus on the set instead of doing prepping on the event itself… So it would just be a convenient addition to the players.

I also really do see the point that other users of the SC5000 would never use this feature, but you do not have to use it if you do not need it and it is not inconvenient to you either. Only the technique is possible, so I would personally find it a welcome addition. It is only from what perspective the user of the SC5000 is seen whether this is useful or not

It will be natural evolution that will happpen less and less that customer will carry music on the cd. As less CD come to be give to you the less you will need cd play option. Not just for you but for all DJ’s

I completely understand but 12 Apple SuperDrives could easily be 12 old CDJ1000’s to throw in a rental crate to play a CD. :wink:

There are lots of sudden possibilities, but let’s put the CD/DCC/MD/CDI/LD/VHS/V2000/DV/BETAMAX options that people could/should/would bring to a party behind us for once.


Your case is definitely worlds outside of the norm. You can get used CDJ100S’s for around $30 bucks now-a-days. I would suggest just buying 12 of em. They have a super small footprint and can be tucked away somewhere in the booth to be used in the odd chance you need to play a CD.