Confusing Product


I am really wanting to buy this product this month still but as I saw the description and backside I don’t know anymore because I am confused. I dj currently in Rekordbox on a DJM 750mk2 with DVS and two Turntables. I wanted to add an Ableton Push for Channel 4 and use it as sequencer and for my samples to launch them. Is this possible on the Prime 4 or do I need to buy another product?

Thank you!

You do know the Push has no audio outputs, right? You do know that it’s just a controller, which needs to be connected to a computer running Ableton Live?

That answers the questions. I thought that maybe with audio interfaces from brands like iconnectivity where you can link two computers per USB and still have rca out there might be a chance for this. But thank you for the help I will look for another product then.