[CONFIRMED] Tidal track sound cuts in and out

  • Beta Version: 1.4

  • Steps to Reproduce: Download and play tidal track previously downloaded and analysed in a separate session

  • Expected Result: Normal playback

  • Actual Result: Sound cuts in and out. Effect is similar to that heard on the vocal effect of Depeche Modes Pleasure Little Treasure (glitter mix) at 5 mins.

  • Reproducibility: Only happened once

  • Additional Notes: Prime 4 connected to fast broadband via Ethernet cable. Removing the track and redownloading it fixed issue.

  • Link to Video Repro:

Hi deanchugg,

thanks for reporting! Can you provide more info about the track (name and playback quality) you did see this issue with?

We are currently aware of an issue where at least one specific tidal song shows audio drop outs after using beat jump. Did you possibly also used that function before the issue occurred?


How specific :joy::joy:

To be honest, I can’t remember what track it was and I don’t have the playlist history. I can confirm that i would have definitely been using beat jump as I use it all the time. The tidal subs is for hifi quality. I’ve not had the issue since.


We’ve made several improvements to this area and believe your issue is fixed in Beta 2. Can you confirm on your side please?