[Confirmed] Tempo fader soft take over is broken

The Tempo / Pitch fader soft takeover is broken.

Steps to reproduce: 1, Set the pitch fader to max or min 2, Change the range with shift + “+” 3, The LED showing that you are not on the real value does not lit up (neither up or down) 4, When you move the fader it may or may not jump a big value

Never had that problem, can You tell on what software You are now? Dose it happen if You reset the deck? Is it on one player, or both? Does it happen also on the second layer?

Public beta topic, so I presume 1.6 beta2. :relieved:

Possible, but when specified can help better.

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This one.

EDIT1: So I made a little video to explain the issue:

Restart does not fix it. I will check now on the second deck.

EDIT2: Yes, I can reproduce on the second deck too.

EDIT3: Added the video link, I hope I managed to share as public - if not let me know.