[CONFIRMED] Sync Manager when using ONLY 1 drive for music files

  • Beta Build Version: 1.4.0 BETA 2
  • Computer OS & Build: MacOs 10.14.6
  • Steps to Reproduce: using the sync manager when music files are on the same disk as the “external” drive
  • Expected Result: only sync playlist as actual “path” to music files already on disk
  • Actual Result: doubles (copy) all the tracks that are already on the disk.
  • Reproducibility: evereytime
  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: i’m using itunes to manage music files on an external ssd, i want to used the same ssd with the SC5000 but not have same library twice on the same drive. works in 1.3.2 when drag n dropping playlist on drive

You shouldn’t use sync manager as your files are already on the drive.

Sync manager is to export files eg say you want to export a crate/playlist of songs to another thumb drive from your main drive which happens to be an external drive.

It is not a bug or defect, it’s by design

We have been told so many times… Do not use the same disk for saving files and for exporting them. That’s how EP works : you select your songs, you do crates and playlist wherever the files are, then you EXPORT them to usb, ssd, sd cards…

Or you can use directly your drive into Prime/SC which will analyze the files

Yes but my problem here is that all my library is manage by itunes (playlist smartplaylist etc) in itunes media folder. (and I like that this way) I just want to be able to sync only “playlist data” with engine. And it kinda work with Engine by drag and drop the playlist into my drive, that way it only “export” the playlist and not music files. But the problem with this method is when I want to update a playlist, I have to import the itunes playlist into Engine collection (by deleting previous version of the said playlist which is annoying)and copy it into the drive again that take long.

Btw with recordbox the sync manager works in a way that you can sync itunes playlist direction to rekordbox library and also directly to your drive. I want the same for Denon.

Then you need to like this request

As you can tell it’s the same with when serato, Traktor or Rekordbox is your source

Same in Virtual DJ, Serato, Traktor etc.

For some reason Engine Prime continues to frustrate folks lol. You almost have to forget everything you are used to with other dj softwares.