[CONFIRMED] Slow, rechecking, checking again

Hi I am finding a few issues, although these may also be there in the main release but I don’t have that to go back to at the moment If I click back and forth between collections (USB, Rekordbox, Main Collection), EP seems to check the whole collection EVERY time - checking files in the job window If I use sync manager to add another few tracks in a new playlist, it seems to check EVERY playlist matches the existing ones in the collection - is this what it’s expected to do? It takes forever and is annoying as I only want to add a few new tracks


Thanks for reporting this @spacecowboy2050

This is an issue we’re well aware of, and is a big pain point for us as well. It is in our bug backlog, but unfortunately it is not a simple fix which will require some time.

We do hope to address this as soon as possible.

It does my head in as well.

Toggling between collection sources and the progress bar fires up