[CONFIRMED] Serato Recording not working as expected

  • Product: Prime4

  • Beta Version: 1.4 Public Beta

  • Steps to Reproduce: Start up with Serato and open the record alternative.

  • Expected Result: Get signal in “mix” in record settings, Serato

  • Actual Result: No signal in “mix”, but had to choose “Videomix” to get some signals

  • Reproducibility: Every time

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro:

Hi @Dj_Roger_E,

Thank you for logging this issue. I have confirmed the behavior in my environment. We’ll have our developers take a look at what could be causing this.


I’m slightly confused. I thought sweep fx are supposed to work with serato (according to Serato’s own video) but they do not work for me. Is this different from this issue?

Only broken if the “Record” is used?

@Djscottyb Sweep FX do not work in Serato mode. Serato had incorrect information in their video. They also mention that Zone Assign is avaialble in Serato mode, it is not. Both of those features are limited to standalone Engine mode.

@LargoS correct. I updated my comment above based on the behavior with 1.4 public beta.


@JWiLL thanks for the response and information.

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