[CONFIRMED] SC6000 Track preview on Layer B impossible when Deck A is playing

Preview on Layer B does not work when Layer A is playing

  • Engine OS Device: SC6000

  • Beta Version: 1.6 public beta

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  • Connect USB with tracks
  • Load song on Layer A and playback
  • Preview song on deck B
  • Expected Result: Preview possible on Layer B when Layer B is paused and Layer A plays

  • Actual Result: Preview of Layer B states ’ Pause deck to preview track’

  • Reproducibility: 10/10 (originally found by @jsn.mdrs, confirmed at my end)

  • Additional Notes: The other way around (Layer B playing, preview on Layer A) seems to work correct

  • Link to Video Repro: When needed

Original topic talked about 4 players using double layers or??

Haven’t tested it myself yet btw.

I can do it with a single unit not connected to any mixer

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And with an X18x0 mixer also?

Currently I have the 6000’s in use with DJM NXS or Prime 4 at home to test beta builds… there is no X1800 mixer here, so I will have to pick up one from a long term rental or the company. Think it will be quicker if you check it later on @Reese :wink:

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You don’t need a mixer to test this. It’s on the player it blocks you. It’s not a cue issue where you cant hear it. You are physically blocked by the prompt to pause playing deck when it’s not playing on the layer your attempting to preview. Does same thing plugged into X1850, X1800, Xone96, and also plugged into no mixer.

Thanks for the extra info. The reason I said this, is that it could have been a bug when no Engine Connect mixer is used, but it clearly is not.

Tried it. Same results.

Thank you for taking the time to provide this bug report.

We will investigate and let you know if we need any further details.