[CONFIRMED] Problem with ejection usb

Mac OS Mojave engine prime beta 1.4 denon prime 4 Version 1.4.1 usb sandisk extreme 128 gb usb 3 porta usb 1 on the prime 4

the problem occurs using the new sinc manager ! playlists imported from itunes latest version, first problem: playlists appear on the stick but do not contain any tracks they are empty ! redo the import via sinc manager a second time and the tracks are there ! second problem: I put the key in the prime 4 everything works, but when I eject the key from the console it gives me a failed expulsion error. I put the key back in the mac and all the playlists are empty, I lost all the tracks on the key!

Thanks for your feedback on the new beta @djveleno

I’ve been able to reproduce this behaviour, and have logged this to be fixed ASAP. Hopefully for the next BETA release but i’ll drop i note here when a fix is ready to test.

Did you safely eject the USB? is it possible you pulled the USB stick out of the Prime 4 before it was safe to do so?

I noticed that this happens if you have a track contained in a playlist of the usb stick! even if you first select internal source ssd the problem occurs when you have a trace of usb 1 loaded, it says you are sure you want to eject the key and is currently in use! even if the track is stopped! instead this problem does not occur if no trace of the USB is loaded on the decks, and after selecting the internal SSD! so if a USB track is loaded on a deck, an ejection error occurs which causes all the files contained in the playlists to be deleted!