[CONFIRMED] Master VU Meters Remain Illuminated When Switching from Controller to Standalone Mode

  • Software or Firmware Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…) 1.3.1

  • Steps to Reproduce: (Turn on unit, press button X, etc…) Put Prime 4 into computer mode to transfer audio files to the internal drive.

  • Expected Result: (ex: It does X…) For the VU lights to return to their ‘off’ state once controller mode is active.

  • Actual Result: (ex: It does Y…) The VU meters light up at 100% brightness and don’t go off after returning back to controller mode from computer mode.

  • Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.) 10 out of 10 times.

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: (ex: Plugged into a Windows 10 laptop.) Plugged into a MacBook Pro 15" 2012. I’ve also had the channel VU meters turn on at 50% brightness occasionally but these return to an ‘off’ state once the computer is taken out of computer mode. The master VU masters stay lit until I restart the while unit.

  • Operating System & Version (if applicable): 1.3.1

  • Link to Video Repro:

Thank you for reporting this @MrWilks, dev team are aware and a fix will be coming soon.

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Thanks @Jay_DenonDJ

A very (very) small issue kinda related…

When the Prime 4 is first turned on, the “Vegas mode” sequence of green lights pulsing across the Prime 4 has the yellow Mic 1 signal clip LED lit. It seems a little petty but the Mic 2 signal clip LED is lit in green, along with all the other LEDs on the facia.

Initially I thought the LED was faulty but once I tried the Mic it was fine. Would making this green on the startup sequence give the Prime 4 a little more consistency? I feel it would. To me it looks like they have forgotten to map just one LED.

Just a thought while the devs are delving into the lighting.

Chris :slight_smile:

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Let me check this on my unit tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Yes mine does this as well, I’ll make the team aware - good spot!

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Hey @MrWilks - this has been acknowledged by the dev team and they will resolve the coming updates

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[Closing until issue has been resolved. No further information is needed]

Hi @MrWilks,

This should be resolved in 1.4 Public Beta. Please confirm at your convenience. Thank you.

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