[CONFIRMED] Importing Rekordbox XML sets star rating incorrectly

Any song imported from the rekordbox xml with one or more stars is imported as 5 stars. My guess is because rekordbox stores each star as a value 51 in the xml, and not 0-5, the rating field is being parsed incorrectly. A 1 star rating has a value of 51, 2 is 102, 3 is 153, 4 is 204, and 5 is 255. Should be an easy fix. :slight_smile:


Hi @hunter,

Thank you for the report. This behavior has been confirmed.

I’ll pass this over to the dev team for investigation.

so a search and replace in the xml file will fix this?

have been mucking about with the rating=“n” value in the recordbox xml file and reimporting into EP.

1-11 = 1 star

12 - 19 = 2 stars

20 - 27 = 3 stars

28 - 35 = 4 stars

36+ = 5 stars

pretty weird but it works…

Thank you for reporting this bug, I’ve just joined the forum to report the same bug. This fix would be very important to me.

Hey, just wanna share my simple golang code to solve this bug:

It converts the the exported Rekordbox collection to Engine Prime. More information on git.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Florian, thank you very much. I’ve just startet the same workaround using Python :smile: No need anymore. Thank you very much!

Hi Florian, genial, hours of work saved! Is it possible Denon actualize the Engine Prime Software to solve the problem automaticaly?

By the way, I met another probema about the libraries import, the Itunes import library doesn’t get the picture of the album…