[CONFIRMED] Hotcue not quantized when loop running

  • Software or Firmware Version: 1.3.1

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  • quantize on
  • hotcue/loop quantize set to 4 beats
  • set hotcue on track
  • set loop and run it (e.g. 2 bars)
  • hit hotcue in last bar of loop
  • Expected Result: hotcue is quantized, jumps to position at end of loop

  • Actual Result: hotcue jumps instantly - not quantized

  • Reproducibility: 10/10 only occurs in last bar of a loop

Hi @beatom, could you please upload a video to show this please?

thanks J

Sure, I can do that. What would be the preferred way of posting a video?

Either direct here or Dropbox - not a public video please :slight_smile:

Here is the video: https://www.dropbox.com/l/scl/AAC58QnxzXSZUHmhDwjC30OQkp_eKCBIUAA

Short explanation:

  • 2 bar loop running
  • hit hotcue in 2nd (last) bar => out of sync
  • hit hotcue in 1st bar => in sync
  • hit hotcue outside loop => in sync

If that is not clear enough, I can make another one with sync active.

Hi @beatom, unfortunately, I don’t have access to the video but I can confirm this has been escalated.

We’ll be in touch soon.

Thanks @Jay_DenonDJ :slight_smile:

The video was too big for direct upload. No idea why dropbox doesn’t work for you. One more try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdnt5g9tkx70uo8/20190619_102713.mp4?dl=0

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Thanks @beatom - I got it now, thank you!

It’s tricky to hear if this, can you create a hotcue to a beat so it’s easier to hear if the hotcue quantised jump is out? Sorry to be a pain but I’d really like to fully understand this.

Regards Jay

No problem @Jay_DenonDJ

Here is another one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8sxceez5539gm1c/20190620_094929.mp4?dl=0

This time slower and with sync active. You can see and hear how the track goes out of sync when I hit the hotcue in the second bar of the loop. However, it stays in sync when I hit the hotcue in the first bar of the loop.

You can try the same with a 4 bar loop. The hotcue will be in sync for bars 1-3, but be out of sync in bar 4.

Thanks @beatom - I can confirm I can replicate this and have passed onto the tech team. Will update you ASAP!

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  • **Software or Firmware Version: 1.3.1,
  • **Steps to Reproduce: With quantize on, Activate a loop and during the loop activate a cue point, not in beat
  • **Expected Result: In active loop to cue point, exactly in beat
  • **Actual Result: From loop to cue point nog in beat. Cue point starts slightly sooner
  • **Reproducibility: Almost every time.
  • **Other Relevant Configuration Info: Windows 10 laptop.)
  • **Operating System & Version (if applicable): 1…3.1

Possible Bug?

From loop to cue point not in beat.


I have noticed there is a possible bug in the Denon DJ prime 4. When I activate a loop with ‘quantize on’ and I skip to another loop it is exactly in beat. But when I activate a loop and I want to return to a cue point, the cue point starts slightly sooner and is ‘Not in beat’ (The beatgrit is correct). My cue quantize interval is 1 beat. So it must be right but it isn’t.

Another question: When a track is already prepared in Engine prime and also on my internal drive or external USB (in engine prime format) and later I want to change some que points and loops and upload them to my internal drive or usb again with the new changes, why does this takes so long? If you don’t remember which songs you changed, you have to export the whole crate (library) again. The track already exists on the internal drive or USB, I only made changes to que and loops. It analyses all tracks again. Is there I shorter and faster way to do this?. I couldn’t find it on the Forum or YouTube.

Kind regards,


HI @desooth and welcome to the Forum!

Would you be able to confirm the beat grids are correct and show us a video of this happening?

Thanks Jay

Thanks for sending the video through, I have passed on to the dev team and will get back to you asap.

Regards J

Here is the video. When you end the loop and the go to a cue point this problem won’t occur.


This was previously reported and confirmed. I’ve now merged the duplicate topics.