[CONFIRMED] FX Bank 1 / 2 not saved when switching back from line

When switching from line the FX goes out as expected. When switched back to USB the FX channel is not saved

  • Beta Version: Prime 1.4 Beta 1

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  • Channel on USB, select FX (1/2)
  • Switch channel to line (FX out, as expected)
  • Channel back to USB (result FX not chosen)
  • Expected Result: FX 1/2 activated in previous state when changing back to USB

  • Actual Result: FX 1/2 not chosen when changing back to USB

  • Reproducibility: 10/10

  • Link to Video Repro:

Don’t know if it’s expected behavior or if it should revert back TBH.

This isn’t anything new in this beta - it’s been like this since the release of the Prime 4. Still, it’s a reasonable expectation for the state to be restored correctly. I’ll bring it up, but I can’t make an promises on a fixing timeline.


This was on my radar to report over the next few days as it’s been like this since day one.

I’ll second this.