Confirmed features coming?

I’ve heard of controller use with Serato coming as well as wi-fi capability are these things true? What about any rumored features?

Both those features are coming. Serato support is currently waiting for the Serato team to add support (Denon doesn’t have control over this) and WiFi streaming has been confirmed to be part of the summer update for the prime ecosystem.

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Serato yes, confirmed, but release date unannounced at time of this reply.

Wi-fi yes, confirmed, Denon have said this is being released across the whole Prime series (Prime 4, SC5000, SC5000M) in the upcoming Summer 2019 release. Exactly when that is? Who knows? Well, Denon do of course but no date yet.

Oh yeah, just remembered, Denon released a video about the WiFi feature - EDITS: I’ve tried to post this three times now but due to this post having a video link, either directly, or just the text url, it needs a mod approval, fair enough, so do a search for Summer 2019 Denon Prime in your favourite video search player ahem and you’ll find it :slight_smile:

Apart from that… I’ve heard nothing about any rumoured features through the grapevine. Anyone else? A brand spanking new version of Engine Prime from Denon’s New Zealand coding team would be a lovely surprise though :slight_smile:

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Both true and upcoming, but no exact dates (never on updates). For time-frames see below:

About Serato:

Serato needs to be completed on the side of Serato, so Denon is not in control of when this will be released.

About Wi-Fi and streaming, rolling out somewhere this summer:

No Thanks to a brand new Engine Prime… Work on what they have and IMPROVE it!

First I bought the MCX8000 when it was ‘the bomb’… which then was let down.

Then I bought the full X1800 / SC5000 setup and in all that time, very little has happened to Engine Prime.

But once again to wait for a brand new software from the Denon crew, will demand a huge amount of patience (which seems to be a very often used word from Denon - ‘Thank you for your patience’)… But I dont think I can find that amount of patience in me… Stuff needs to happen.

Hopefully the word from Mojaxx can move some things, now the words from us paying users dont seem to have much effect.

I love my players, and have asked for being taking into consideration becoming a betatester on Engine Prime, as I see the potential in the Prime’s… But we need EP getting fixed asap.

Engine prime is just barely good enough or just decent. I think that denon did the best they could with what they had at the time.

It took me 2 weeks to get a mini collection for my prime. If EP was any better then I would’ve got my whole collection done in 1 week.

I don’t see anything changing until around Christmas time. (My naive opinion)

Hey @drmtc, thanks for posting. Serato is coming to PRIME 4, this has been confirmed. As for WiFi functionality? We confirmed that Standalone Streaming services would be coming too. Check out the Standalone Music Streaming on Denon DJ PRIME Series video.

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