[CONFIRMED] Extremely Slow..... 1.4.0 Public Beta 2

Windows 10 / Build 1909 / 18363.535 / 64Bit / EP Public BETA 2 - 1.4 / i7-8700 / 3.2GhZ - 16Gb Memory

Trying to Sync the info from EP to my SSD but so far to copy approx 75 tracks has been 30minutes and is still running… The Green progression bar has not even reached the end of the word Exporting.

Terrible performamce as its quicker in 1.3.3 to manually copy the files over within a few minutes.

Also the startup Update Missing Artwork cannot be cancelled.

** So Far 1hour 15 minutes in and still hasn’t finished. about 3/4 way through according to the progress bar **

Screenshots attached.

Moving this over to the public area for further discussion.

Thanks for reporting this @DJ_AJC, this is partially expected when using sync manager to manage the content on large hard drives like the internal drive on a prime 4, as sync manager will check every single file on the prime 4 for any changes ontop of the export of the 75 tracks. This is why the export is faster in 1.3.3, the change check does not occur.

For this work flow, you would be better using the device panel to pack the 75 tracks if no changes are being made to other tracks, the export time should be the same here as in 1.3.3.

We’re working on some optimizations to the prime 4 workflow with sync manager as i type this, and will update back here once a build is available.


Thanks for the update. If you are using a search to report on each file, which slows down the process, why dont you use Meta Tagged Buckets to speed up the look up on the DB?

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