[CONFIRMED] Engine DJ 2.0- Playlists

I got a question. After installation of the new database software i can’t have duplicates of the same track in a list.

That were possible in last version. I want to be able to have as many of same song in a playlist. Is there a setting or can it be fixed?


It is no longer possible to do this.

But why? I hope Denon bring it back. I will not upgrade players until. Dealbreaker for me who uses “a track” to separate mixes i a playlist.

Im curious, explain the use case you have for it? is it for auto-playing the playlist?

My idea for a future release:

Maybe it’s an idea to make it a right-click solution. I.e. right click on a playlist shows allow duplicates as option. Or even inside the playlist right click a track shows ‘Duplicate track in playlist’.

The way it works now (crate style) is much more convenient to use overall, so as not to always end up with doubles. I really don’t want it to be changed in general.

But there are examples when a track has to be duplicated in a playlist as well. In example for stageshow or gameshow where same tune or jingle needs to be used several times, a DJ who likes a certain a capella or other prepped track to come back several times during a set, some ‘radio’ guys…

I think it would be nice to be able to optionally add duplicates to playlists.

I use it as markers. Segments of mixes with beats and accapellas. Live mashups.

I agree with you. If I’m to use the new version i have to duplicate my accapella in finder and place it as several different tracks. Not ideal.


Ah ok, that makes sense… ive only ever mapped my laptop files into playlists in RB or Serato so never actually tried to duplicate a track before.

I guess a ‘solution’ would be to have several numbered versions of the track you want so you can add them? Not ideal but could work.

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Another scenario…

I often run audio for awards ceremonies, & it’s fairly common to re-use a particular sting or walkup bed, if the same person re-appears later in the running order.

It would make a lot of sense to be able to have multiple instances of the same track in a playlist, in that scenario.


It looks like the history function might do this.

The only “why” here is you having a use case!!!

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Getting rid of a harmless option such as this is a terrible move from Denon. I use a blank track to separate segments within a specific playlist. I like separating my sets into genre-specific segments that I can interchange. Not being able to add the same track to the same playlist is a huge no for me. I will not upgrade OS until they give us this option back.

Hell, I might even go back to recordbox since it allows for duplicate tracks in a playlist. Its a freaking playlist Denon, there is bound to be duplicates.

I look forward to their response from this…


I agree with you on this.

I used to do the same thing a long time ago. An easy workaround for players that don’t allow dupes is to just have a set of blank files named as Spacer1, Spacer1, Spacer1, etcetera.


I have a playlist where I ended with the same track I opened with…this is no longer possible to do. I mean, while performing I can make a note to myself to cue it up at the end but it just seems like a needless removal of a feature. It’s like they just got rid of playlists and made everything crates. Not sure what the distinction is anymore or if there is one.

Im never that organised lol, when I turn up to my gigs I pick a track then go from there, 5 hours later ive played some music, thats about as far as my organisation goes… I do have playlists for all my genres then A-Z of albums though.

Thanks for your feedback here. Yes, duplicated tracks is something we removed from Engine DJ for 2.0. However, we are aware that there are certain workflows that require duplicates, and are exploring our options for adding this back in a future update to Engine DJ.

The duplication check is done via file path, so as a workaround you can duplicate any files you need more than 1 copy of in the filesystem, (ie TRACKNAME(2).wav ) and add it to Engine DJ. On a personal note - coming from Serato DJ before Engine, this is what i use for referencing talk breaks in my radio set playlists to workaround the lack of duplicates.

Of course it goes without saying… theres nothing to stop you scrolling back to the song you need to play a 2nd or 3rd time and playing it again.

Just to summarise, I hear all of your feedback about the removal of duplicates, and will be echoing this back to the team.

Thanks all!


Back to rekordbox… yes :wink: If I am angry, I do unclever decisions, too… Ok, currently it is not optimal, it can work for you with not complicated workaround:

  • just create multiple blank separation files (you can even name the separators differently, e.g. by genre, so you know what is in the section)
  • then you can use that separators all over your sets

I think it’s good that this function has been removed.

So you no longer run the risk of having the same title in several playlists that you then have to laboriously delete again

The solution for everyone - a switchable option

This is what I ended up doing. Made duplicates of my blank separation files and named them differently. It works for me now until they reintroduce duplicates again (if they do).