Condenser Microphone is not picking up any sound

Hello Denon users !

New owner of Prime 4 here and so far i had no problems with it, but yesterday i bought microphone with XLR cable, i connected it to Prime 4 but there is absolutely no reaction from it … i pushed on button, also talkover button, tried max out every mic knob and various mic settings in menu but nothing, only thing it pick up is when i shake the microphone little hard there is some bars at levels shown but other than that nothing … if someone experienced this or have some advice i would appreciate that greatly, thank you !

There is a gate on the microphone input in prime 4. You should talk directly to the microphone while holding it correctly (in front of Your mouth). If you are too quiet or to far away the gate will switch off the mic input. This is to reduce feedback and unwanted noise going thru the microphone.

Hi @ColdJunction What microphone are you using and does it have an ON/OFF switch?

You may want to try a different XLR cable if you have one handy.

Hello, my microphone is Yenkee YMC 1030 and does not have on/off switch … i tried talk directly on all sides to it as NoiseRiser adviced but still nothing it´s deaf and unfortunately i don´t have other XLR cable, this one was brand new which i bought yesterday. Is it possible that this microphone is , cheap , for Prime 4 inputs? connection works because when i plug it in the talking dot near level volume knob blink and blink when i keep shaking the mic which is only thing it pick up

I believe this microphone requires phantom power. Please check the mic specs or user manual.

I think you are right, it will require it … i will borrow tomorrow from my friend his professional studio mic which he uses as DJ too without phantom and try it on Prime 4 for difference, thank you for now !

No Problem! In most cases, dynamic microphones that don’t require phantom power are best for PRIME 4 use.

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