Computer crashing due to X1800 kernel mode trap

I use my x1800 as my primary sound card on my computer that I also use to produce in ableton. For the last 2 months or so my Windows 10 computer has been periodically completely crashing while i’ve been working in ableton. It freezes entirely and a second or two later I get a blue screen of death. with the same error message saying “unexpected kernel mode trap” and shows the responsible process which is “x1800prime.sys” or something similar. I haven’t encountered this issue doing anything other than working in ableton, additionally I haven’t noticed any specific actions I take that cause the crash. It happens at a seemingly random action and at unexpected intervals. If anyone has some sort of suggestions to help please let me know. I really don’t know how else to fix this

Tried using nonDenon ASIO driver?

Eh? ASIO drivers are supplied by the manufacturer specifically for use with that equipment. They’re not interchangeable. The X1800 driver will be for the X1800. You can’t use a different driver.

Yes I currently use asio4all drivers

That’s not an ASIO driver.

Same result with Denon driver?

Yes the same happens when using the Drivers in ableton

I’d be getting onto ableton then.

If any other program that you use addresses the mixer via driver correctly and doesn’t crash the computer, but ableton does, it points a finger toward ableton. Maybe they’re firing out of range values into the driver