Compressor/Limiter on X1800 in new firmware?

According to Mojaxx, a master compressor/limiter was added on the X1800 on the latest firmware. My understanding was that it already had one. Has this been made optional under utility/preferences?

I was introduced after initial release in a firmware update.

Is it optional in the setting?

Surely yes. Default is off. Do you own a X1800 already?

On the way to me. I hope my prior inquiry didn’t compel them to add it. I needed it to be defeatable if there was one, not that I wanted one. Having it off by default is the next best thing.

I don’t really see the purpose of it, the way it is available now. Also I would never use the limiter.

I still have a Dateq XTC2 as spare mixer. That also has a limiter function, but the setting could be locked with an internal jumper. That way the owner of a venue could block loud playing DJs perminantly.


Yeah, putting a limiter inside of or after an analog DJ mixer like the XTC2 in the chain has its pluses and minuses, but it has to have some massive auto gain reduction/padding if the limiter keeps getting triggered continuously – a crude form of thermal limiting – to prevent its abuse and the utility of it not only being nil, but it being more dangerous than good.