Complete Hard Drive Backup

I have a 2tb Hard drive in my Prime 4 and i having looked at the amount of space i am using on it I have noticed it is only 200GB. I want to swop it out for a 256GB SSD Hard drive. My question is can i just do a straight copy of the one in the Denon to the SSD and then put that in the DENON Prime and it will just work of do i have to do some magic to the SSD beforehand or afterwards?

You can mirror your Prime 4 drive to the new SSD no problem.

I have recently duplicated my Prime drive from a 2TB to a 5TB which i picked up on Amazon for a great price, so i now have the 2TB drive as redundancy should the newer drive develop a fault at some stage.

Any updates that i make to my music drive i will update onto the backup drive using SyncToy.

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