Coming soon: World’s first music streaming capability in standalone DJ hardware

Denon DJ has partnered with leading digital music platforms Soundcloud, Beatport, Beatsource & Tidal to bring exactly what the global DJ community has been hoping for, expecting and demanding – streaming music inside a DJ’s hardware!

Exclusively for Denon DJ and the Prime Series units, DJs will soon be able to access millions of original tracks, remixes and mash-ups, all streamed via a choice of wired connection and Wi-Fi technology, right within the hardware itself!



DenonDJ really has a weird sense of priorities, that’s all I’m gonna say. [shakes head]


The awakening of the WiFi!!! Curve ball! Another update coming! Shiver me timbres!!! (See what I did there).

Nice job guys!!! Nothing I would ever consistently use but as an open format DJ it can come in handy in a pinch.

Glad to see our Prime series growing either way!!

I would rather have the freaking (flexible/ adjust able) beatgrid to work.

But hey… They say this summer, so maybe around november or december…

That said, its a cool feature.


It’s worth getting Tidal now as I’d be able to use it in Prime, Serato DJ and when at home.

Cheers for the new goodies Denon DJ. Glad to see you’re pushing forward still.

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Didn’t expect that in this generation of media players. Much respect!

Did I, or did I not say, in a previous reply to a post with people complaining about lack of Wifi in Prime 4: “… are we even really sure there is no wifi inside?”.

And presto! There it is.

Nice to be right for a change lol. Three cents and all that.


it was pretty much a given that the Prime 4 had it as it’s in the SC5000 and been known for a while as it was on the FCC site but remained off.

I think people who complained never knew the SC5000 had it but it has been talked about on the forum before.

I’m super happy it’s getting used now and could pave the way for more features.

you won the internet today

Perhaps its the next logical direction. They started with wooing headliners festival type djs (underground, techno, edm, dnb, 4 x 4) now its time for the meat of the market where the numbers is at … the wedding, bar, sweet 16, pub, mobile djs

I don’t use streaming even on Serato but i have nothing against this latest feature.

more options is always good.



@Jay_DenonDJ. This sounds great . But will it be a service that’s open to all countries?

Some DJ music services have come (and gone) before and only been available to users in some specific counties?

You’re in England and Denon DJ is USA so I’m guessing it works for DJs in both those countries. Is it worldwide?

Hey @DJ_Didi, thank you for your question. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that yet but we’ll certainly keep you posted as this develops.

Regards J

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If I’m reading the press release correctly, wifi enabled players will only be useful to users who sub$cribe to Beatport’s, et al. various monthly streaming services (Beatport price below). Is this a correct reading or am I missing something?

The press release states: “Streaming of digital music services within standalone unit”

…and that’s it regarding the source from which the players can get music from.

There is absolutely nothing about wifi/internet enabled devices allowing users to access their own local network in order to play their own music OR playing their own music via a private cloud-based drive.

While I’m sure InSound’s research/marketing people have assured DenonDJ that “the global DJ community has been hoping for, expecting and demanding…[…]…the capability of playing digital music content from the world’s premier DJ streaming services as well as directly from the Prime Series units, with no necessity for a laptop computer.” - the same team presumably convinced Akai that Akai customers really really really wanted their wifi enabled samplers to have full integration with Splice (for sample streaming) - but when it turned out that Akai users could only wifi stream samples if they had a Splice subscription, and then even if they have a subscription, ONLY samples purchased from Splice (you can upload your own samples to Splice’s bloated sample management software but the Akai Force can’t access these via wifi/Splice integration).

No doubt we are at A Turning Point in DJ Technology History. SUPER! Since turning points in the history of technology seem to come either every financial quarter or maybe five times ever in the history of civilization (depending on who you talk to), I’d like to pause and reflect on a little place called Thinly Veiled Earth…

Image we live on a planet called Thinly Veiled Earth in Alternate Universe Prime: Weirdly and shockingly enough Thinly Veiled Earth is almost identical to Earth earth, except that at the Turning Point in Transportation Technology History, when ‘horseless carriages’ were replaced by a new machine called Car Primes, one thing was different… PARADIGM SHIFT PARTY!

Unlike Earth earth cars that could basically be driven anywhere on earth (except under water or in the air), the company that built these revolutionary machines (LemnonDJ - the “n” is silent in that universe) decided not to equip them with tires. Drivers had to subscribe to one of three possible ‘automobile streams’ which though spanning the entire terrestrial plane of the earth (said the marketing people ), was actually limited to a network designed and controlled by a corporation that owned the company that built the ‘car’ (the corporation was called DimSound, if you’re wondering), which was of course restricted in a number of crucial ways (either by purposeful design or accidental design). Let’s call these revolutionary devices a Streaming Car 5000 (the Streaming Car 5000 M was the same but with a tactile-based driving wheel).

Every now and then DimSound / LemnonDJ offered exciting sounding seasonal upgrades that were also equally exciting bug fixes. (Alternative historical sidebar: it took years for LemnonDJ to address the RPM gauge accuracy issue; and of course the acceleration was calibrated to .1 something or other which a few hated, and though the high end speed trials eventually got better, history still remembers the lone dissenter who continued to run his Streaming Car 5000 at top speeds in order to show that a claim LemnonDJ made wasn’t entirely accurate) ). Sadly after a few years - and not learning from the mistakes of the formerly powerful maker of horse-driven carriages (they were called Pie & Fear and their flagship horse buggy was called the Carriage of Divine Joy 2000 SXN2) - in later years the only innovation Lemnon could be credited for was offering the Streaming Car in white, and making some overpriced toy cars for kids who wanted to pretend to drive but only in kitchens and perfectly diverse parties full of people from stock footage photos) .

(Last alternate historical sidebar: sadly, the fate of this reality is a grim one. It is whispered that a disgruntled former employee of Pie & Fear (FULSE), having lost his company-sponsored torture support forum, used the only known mark II prototype for something called the Kraken - that basically didn’t do much of anything except shoot out electricity from itself to other things - to somehow destroy the entire Universe Prime. “FULSE: Destroyer of Worlds” they cursed before the end.)

The End.

Anyway, I for one am looking forward to the next greatest firmware upgrade in the history of all firmware upgrades in this or any other universe: SUMMER FIRMWARE PARTY 2019!!

Many thank yous Jay. I’m hoping I can check my own eligibility for each of those providers for me as a human and that should hopefully tell me whether my Primes would be able to log on and use each of the streaming services.

I hope the Primes would load the whole streaming track into RAM, like it does with local media tracks, I hate streaming services where the track stops or stutters cause it hasn’t finished and has run out of buffet.

Great service ! Especially the hard wire option, which I’ll prob use more than the WiFi at suitable venues


I really dig this. Not something I use (all my open format sets are on DVS), but it really shows the possibility of future capabilities being added to the hardware which were previously only available in software DJ platforms.


Too bad that this is the first criticism. I am going to defend the entire Prime team here, because I am really disappointed that sometimes there is only complaining, even though a step forward has been announced. The WI-FI module was already installed before anyone could even ask for features. The plans for a next-gen console generation were mapped out before we as a community could turn these plans upside down. The team listens, they are aware of all wishes and a number of them are high on the list. Some are coming, some are not. But some things that do come are simply not arranged in a day. I have never seen a post from anyone with the question and the solution in 1: "I want feature xxx and here is the completely programmed code for feature xxx, extensively tested and error-free, you just have to zip it and release "

Plans can be (partially) changed, but this announcement confirms in fact that these units were ready for the future and are on a bigger roadmap. And whether or not this is a feature that you have been waiting for, it is a big, logical and very good development for the DJ industry. The generation that is coming now has never bought a record, cassette, CD, DAT, MiniDisk, DVD or paid download. A new generation of DJs is emerging (now) that is used to everything on demand, with a simple subscription. A generation that expects the same options and access on every device on every platform. And I applaud for Denon that they are already responding to this and am glad that they do not keep thinking in just the current ways. Change has happened so many times before, from vinyl to CD to mass storage. And now we are going (step by step) to the cloud.

It opens doors for a few more steps later, where you have access to your own music in your own Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive, for example, and you are happy to log in if your USBs are unexpectedly forgotten, stolen, defective or infected. Your database runs in the cloud, so your own local or online and streamed songs also all have all saved hot cues, loops and beat grids (and yes, also flexibly before that time). Changes on database are realtime… And that on every device, 100% in sync and backed up. More doors will open in the future with an online device and for the development of the device / software itself, that too can be improved more frequent with the recently assigned development team and online access.

The development is going step by step, the ideal will never be achieved for everyone, but with teams such as these now working hard for Prime, they are getting a bit closer. One time with a feature for you, the next time with a feature for another.

Unfortunately, development takes more time than coming up with ideas. I too often have difficulty with that (with all kinds of software), but we will have to learn to live with that. In the meantime enjoy the technology that has been brought to us. And preferably with good music, because in the end it’s not all about features, but music… And making people happy with those tunes (little matter how they come in or out of your unit or on your screen :wink: )


Yes, it does. The track is fully loaded before playback. Once track is loaded you can safely disconnect your internet connection and continue playback without dropouts :slight_smile:

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Amazing news! I forgot about the rumoured WIFI/Bluetooth hardware hiding inside the SC5000/M. Impressive foresight and good to see Denon playing the long game with hardware support rather than releasing a modestly revised player and splitting the platform/focus further. They deserve props for a really competitive and existing customer-friendly move.

I hope they continue to focus R&D primarily on making these current units all they can be before revising the hardware. They have so much untapped potential. An ecosystem that continues to enrich itself as it develops will be the key to Denon’s success…

Proper processors are really opening the door to innovation. Frankly, it makes Pioneer’s current UI look increasingly like a pocket calculator. These ambitious features are great but I do hope Denon also focus on improving the basics/low hanging fruit such as BPM detection. (Diamond-encrusted battle armour may be great but it still chafes if you forget your underwear!)

Adding my wishes to the insurmountable mountain:

-(Overdue) Make the BPM detection algorithm rival the best on the market. It’s really letting the side down.

-(Likely) True SoundSwitch Standalone player support (no laptop)

-(Unlikely) Apple Music support

-(Hopeful) Option to make quantised hot cues act more like Traktor. Make slightly late presses jump to nearest beat rather than next.

-(Hopeful) High-end Two Channel Prime mixer similar to the Rane 72 with a battle/instant grat focus. This would bring the kind of instant FX expression you’d get on Pioneer controller performance pads but the SC5000 aren’t yet capable of.

-(Less Likely) Like the Prime 4, a new mixer could have a SATA drive bay and maybe even an integrated SoundSwitch interface. Elegant and Minimal setup.

-(Pie-in-the-sky) Rugged add-on unit to handle video processing/HDMI duties or a way to pair such duties with an iOS device. Laptop-free video of any sort is probably a next-gen hardware feature though.


THank you @addie and @MCharade for you posts, a great read and really nice to be appreciated for what we do.

@MCharade I’d like to comment on a couple of your comments in the list that I can responses for:

Agreed and I can assure you this is being worked on, this is no simple job and our goal is for this to be improved in the best way possible. Watch this space.

This is a tricky one and really a user preference, if you look at the way we do this it’s the most common way for cue/loop jumps to work. Traktor is fairly unique in that it allows for slightly late jumps. When I moved from Traktor to Denon Dj it took me a little while to adjust my muscle memory but now it’s there :slight_smile:

Regards Jay


In addition to this Beatport will have ‘locker technology’ which allows for tracks to be made available ‘offline’ in advance of your gig.

Tracks that are streamed will also be cached.