Coming from 1000 SRT to Prime 4

Hey there…I’m not new to dj’ing world.I’ve searched the topic and there’s so many I’m lost. So I lost my 1000 srt due to a house fire a few weeks ago.I’ve replaced it with a prime 4 after reading so many reviews. Just got it this week and I’m frustrated already. So I do use sync a lot. Some of my mixes do require doing it by ear. But the sync is throwing me completely off. Same music I used in Serato on my SRT and it synced beautifully on the pioneer. I did import the music to engine prime and it analyzed my library. Then on to my usb stick. The sync is way out. Doesn’t matter if I use serato in computer mode or standalone. A lot of times it starts synced and just goes out to lunch. And it’s more often than not. Not sure where to go from here. I really want to love this player. Just struggling right now. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello @Dj_Lillo Welcome to the forum.

Did You analysed Your files in Serato or in Engine prime? If Your files have bpm info embedded in the id3 tags, click re-analyse in Engine prime. Check if the beat grids are aligned with the beat. If the tempo os a bit of, adjust the beat grid. What version of Engine prime do You use?

As it goes for serato analysis - normally it is correct, but as well if it gets info from the tags, will need re-analysis to get it right.

Did you remove the protective plastic covering the platter yet?

And like @NoiseRiser mentioned check your beatgrids and displayed bpm for the tracks.

Some tracks may need a second analysis in EP.

Usually I analyse twice. The first analysis does not do a full analysis as it only looks for missing analysis data eg waveform, it’s the second analysis (reanalysis) is a total analysis, meaning everything is re-calculated!

  • You can test it out yourself,

  • make a copy of a track on your computer,

  • load that track to serato,

  • in serato manually input an incorrect bpm for the track.

  • Exit serato and import your serato library to Engine prime

  • Now Analyse that track once in EP you will see that the incorrect BPM is still showing

  • Now do a reanalysis, and you will see that BPm is correctly detected

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