Combined playlists using Tidal and Harddrive

Hi all. Planning on moving over to engine prime over next couple of months with the sc6000/x1850 setup. Does anyone know if it’s possible to make a playlist with combined songs from tidal and my usb stick/hard drive? This is possible in djay where I can make a playlist from sound cloud, tidal and my hard drive on the fly. Thanks in advance

Not jet possible. Because you have to switch between the sources. But you can do as much playlists in Tidal as you want.

Thanks @DJDark. Shame as it would be a great feature to be able to pull music from different sources and make a playlist that way. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure requests have already been posted here asking for the ability to search all sources (so internal drive + SD + USB etc). It’s inconvenient having to switch to another source just to perform a search.

Typically, people compare what their favourite DJ software can do, to the Denon Prime units - and certainly VirtualDJ can search all connected drives and online sources in one go.

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Exactly! And also the ability to make playlists from all these different sources is a must imho. Just makes workflow so much smoother. Has anyone heard if this is coming anytime soon??

From what I can see (after a quick search) it’s been around three years already since this was first requested. Denon are (typically) in no hurry :smile:

One potential issue though is the time it would take to display results. I can see how my Prime 4 takes its time to show results, even from one source (internal SSD).

It’s not so much as searching all sources in one go as this could get confusing. Even on djay you can’t search all sources in one input you need to select the source first although it’s quite quick, just the touch of a button to switch sources. It’s more the ability to search soundcloud for example and then add a track to playlist and then search tidal or my hard drove and search for another track and then add that to the same playlist and that playlist be saved etc for future use.

Yes I get that. I do understand what you’re asking - but you still need to access all the sources in order to play from that list, yes? It’s no good having a Tidal track listed if the system doesn’t allow you to load it.

Yeah also correct lol!

A request has been made for this:

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