Color of waveforms MCX8000 vs SC5000

Hi all,

The colors of the waveforms of the SC5000 are different from the mcx8000 to represent the low, medium and high frequencies, they could not put the same colors to the waveform in the mcx 8000 with an update and so the ones that we have both devices do not we go crazy having to remember that blue for example is for a certain frequency in the sc5000 and pra another in the mcx8000, sorry my english

Thanks in advance and greetings

Hi @El_Corsario, thank you for your suggestion.

The Prime series is a new product range from the MC series and with part of this a new design, workflow and GUI were carefully planned to keep evolving technology, functionality and of course ease of use.

That said, I certainly appreciate your point and will pass on to the dev team for thoughts.

Regards J

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In all honesty, I actually prefer the 8000’s waveform colours. It matches Serato & many other Dj software. If I was to purchase the Prime4, the waveform colours is what I feel would take me the longest to get used to.