Coffin flight case/single flight cases for a pair of Denon sc6000 and an x1850 mixer

Since owning a pair of sc6000 players and x1850 mixer, I’ve been back and forth with getting either single cases for each or a coffin case. I’m leaning towards the coffin case as it keeps everything compact and easier to manage. I found two coffin cases. The first is an odyssey FZ12CDJWXD flight case and the second is a Pro X XS-CDM3000WLT flight case. Does any one own either of these coffin cases using the sc6000 players and x1850 mixer? Any thoughts on either of these 2 coffin cases or recommendations for something else ? what about single cases? what are you using or recommend for single flight cases ?

The players and mixer will be traveling to gigs with me for private parties.

Thanks in advance

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Have you got a roadie?

How do you like your back?

I use my old turntable flight-cases, two of them, the mixer goes into a UDG trolley bag with cables and other bits and bobs I may need.

I will rather make two or three trips to the car.

I can carry the two turntable cases in one trip, but I tend to only carry one, bad back.

I also have a small collapsible dolly to move the turntable cases, if the trip from car to booth is more than a dozen meters

Good question. Seems like a personal preference and if you plan to setup the coffin as a stand and just play from there… or set your gear on a separate table / stand. Personally I’m a big fan of Pelican Cases as they are more rugged and customizable than coffin cases.

User SonnySeven did a pretty nice job setting up his mixer and two players in a vertical way in a single case. Of course your can change the design any which way you like with Pelican cases… See SonnySeven’s post here…

I owned a coffin case for my 5000Ms & x1800. I eventually sold this and brought individual cases for the hardware. Best choice I made. I wish I never bothered looking into the coffin case.

It’s personal preference, but from portability and weight, the individual cases are better. Yes, it’s a little more setup time for putting your wires back in, but it’s negligable.

I’m selling my SC5000 set coffin. Don’t have the space to keep it for the one time I go out; plus I have seldom used it the last 3 years.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I do agree that wit having single cases it will be a bit easier to carry the gear, but the set up will take a bit longer, yet on the flip side it will take less time to set up but transporting a coffin case would be heavier. Both the odyssey FZ12CDJWXD and the pro x XS-CDM3000WLT have wheels on them so carefully moving either one around should be ok . but then again, lifting it off the ground can be challenging lol

Does anyone customize their cases using recessed dishes for XLR, rca, 1/4" etc ?
i have an older denon mc6000mk2 in a customized case with a couple of dishes for xlr, rca, power ,etc.
the single cases that are made for the sc6000’s and x1850 mixer don’t seem to have a whole of room for customization.

I can set up in 5 mins in separate cases.

Each case has the cable for the unit.

I can even cut that time down a bit further by having the Cables (RCA, Ethernet and Power) already connected to the players during transportation. But I don’t because it’s already quick enough.

  1. Get to venue, beeline to the bar
  2. Get a :beer:, head to booth
  3. Remove units and leads from cases
  4. Use the 2 player cases as risers (mixer is floating between the two)
  5. Connect digital rca, Ethernet and power
  6. Connect venues XLR
  7. USB stick