Chronological Hot Cues Setting like on Searto DJ

I would be great if the Prime 4 had an option for Chronological Hot Cues like Serato DJ. Used to Use the MC4000 with Serato DJ Pro and i Miss the Hot Cues being in order all of the time and the fact if you delete one. It orgineses them so there isnt a gap on your hot cues. I MISS THIS DENON! :slight_smile:


I think this will be nice across board ie Engine OS and Engine Prime

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  1. Hot Cues that sort themselves Chronologically. So if i am playing a track and want a hot cues on the drop. I only have 3 Hot Cues active and i hit the 5th Hot Cue button it automatically stores it on the 4th hot cues. But if i forgot to put a hot cues on the build up and i go back put a hot cue on the build up that is then the 4th hot cues and thr drop is moved to the 5th.

  2. It would help me with my work flow as this is how i got used to setting hot cues in serato and knowing my last hot cue would be at the end of the track and my first at the start.

  3. I don’t know about if it is a feature in hardware but it is a feature in Serato DJ Pro

  4. Yes the work around is deleting and reorganising hot cues.

  5. I would use this feature every single set. All of the time.

In Serato this is actually a preference you can switch on or off.

While Engine Prime/Prime OS don’t support this direct. So maybe you want to add this to the feature request list. Personally I find this valuable so you got my upvote :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a work around if you are on MacOS. But that is not “real time on the player” and requires thirth party software and a conversion back and forth (won’t lose data)

If you are interested in the how. Conversion between Serato & Denon Prime is planned in the Ask Me Anything collection management and conversion for DJ’s I’ve planned tomorrow.

Meet me at this link:

Tuesday, April 14th at 7:00 PM CET (=Amsterdam Time)

There is a “Request a feature” section in this forum. Create a thread in there, Denon people watch that thread like a hawk :smile:

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I requested this over 3 years ago!! Please use the search function on the forum.

Please @yeltsin, link it here. I see one for SC5000 also.

Marking your post as solution, but it would be nice to cross reference.

Here you go mate, well before we actually got the feature request section


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