Chinese Symbols on Tag


Has anyone notice what happens when you edit the MP3 tags on Engine, then you check them with another Music Management software?

Or is just me?

The same has happened to me but happens randomly on both the computer engine database and the usb target database independent of each other. very strange.

I gave up on using internal mode. So I don’t worry about it anymore. The reason I bought the MCX8000 was for the internal mode, ain’t that something huh!

I spent so much time with work a rounds that I got tired. The reason I still have this controller is because is not an easy piece to sell, not after people come to check it out on the forums before they do the buy. I guess I was the only stupid one that didn’t check before buying.

At least is working great with software (VDJ and Serato). So I did all this investment for a laptop free environment and ended up back again with a lappy, thank you Denon for the lesson.

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Too bad no one from Denon has replied regarding this issue.

youre labouring under an old idea. The internal or standalone mode used to be problematic but most people using the Versiob 2.0 firmware are saying very satisfying things about it now, once they’ve done the correct changeover steps.

ON your screengrab, The Chinese symbols only appear in tracks where the track has either a whole number or a Number ending point 5 in it eg: 3 or 2.5 etc

So you have a program which modifies the tags in some way, leaving that Number? Maybe its volume/gain adjustment data? I suspect whatever program left that Number then wrecked the remainder of the tag

Why would they reply about a issue on a discountinued program? OP is talking about Engine 1.5, not Engine Prime.

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There are users that haven’t updated to the new firmware and EP, if what they are using still works they might not update. OR, they might not update until they recover Denondjs trust back again… Like ME.

So Denon will say “Thank you for questions, all problems with Engine 1.5 have been solved with Engine Prime, please update”. So you have the option.


If anyone wait for perfect car or perfect wife or perfect Windows then they would wait for Evers - I still say this

Just a reminder, Engine Prime works the most efficiently on the latest update. We do these updates to fix bugs and improve the software.