Checking MCx8000 Compatibility (bug?)

Why is it every time I boot up Engine Prime (latest version) the app insists on scanning all my hard drives for MCX8000 Compatibility?I have a lot of hard drives connected so this takes a long time and uses a lot of resources.

I don’t own or use a MCX8000 and I have the settings within Engine Prime app disabled for the feature yet every time it insists on scanning.


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Hey @KC-1 can you send me a screen shot of this message please?

The compatibility check shouldn’t actually get in the way of using the application, as this is a background process. If this isn’t the case, can you provide an example of this blocking behavior? We can consider further improving this if there are roadblocks to use that come up.

This is every time I boot up Engine. I allow it to finish and exit it but no matter how many times I do this it will always on boot up scan any drives I have attached for MCX8000 Compatibility and the settings are definitely disabled for MCX8000 compatibility …

And though yes I agree it’s a background process and not CPU or RAM intensive it is in fact intensive for Disk usage. So much so that I now make sure I have all drives other than my main C: Drive (obviously) disconnected otherwise it just takes an age to finish scanning them all …

I just updated to the latest Engine Prime Software Update 1.2.2: released today too and problem still remains.


Tested this on another Computer today and the problem is the same. Also seen other reports on here from a user with same problem.

Having the exact same issue I am on ep 1.2.1

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I am also experiencing the same, and it’s utterly irritating.

I have MCX8000 set to off in the settings, and yet it still performs MCX8000 related jobs every time I start the software.

Also, every time I select a different drive it “checks all the files” for the drive. It’s so slow and irritating.

I’m not sure this is not in the way of using the program. Of course it’s not done in the UI thread and does not block the user from doing other actions, but it clogs access to the files in that drive, and it’s simply unnecessary.

We can consider further improving this if there are roadblocks to use that come up.

Well, you’d better improve this software as I’m sorry to say that unfortunately is way behind Rekordbox, or the library management in Traktor or Serato. Both in features (cannot search by label, cannot even display label, difficulties navigating the library, no sync) and performance (super slow, super disk intense).

I’m really looking forward seeing Engine Prime improved.

Thank you

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