Checking if my platter sensors are faulty?

Hi, can a MC7000 user(s) check something to confirm if my platter rings are working properly? When I nudge, or drag lightly on the rings of my MC7000, it greatly affects the pitch/tempo. Like a warped record-type sound.

I’ve come across from using a Roland DJ808 and old CDJs and was expecting a similar response when mixing.

I’m using 1.2 firmware. I have adjusted the platter sensitivity but that only deals with the top of the platter as far as I can tell (in Vinyl, Slip or ‘nothing’ mode).

When I look at videos of others using MC7000 they can nudge or drag and it doesn’t seem to sound greatly affected.

Appreciate any help there.

Martin from New Zealand.

Hello @tunesifter

First I would try to check the midi mapping in Your dj software, as the sensors in the platters are the last thing that can get broken.

(Edited) Hi @noiseRiser. I use Serato DJ Pro (and have done for 2 yrs). Unsure what you mean by checking the midi mapping. To manually map the controller? The MC7000 connects automatically with Serato and I didn’t think I had to manually map anything.

Can ANY MC7000 user out there tell me what a gentle nudge/push of the ring of the platter sounds like? Can you hear the pitch and tempo change?

Thanks Martin from New Zealand

You are using a midi controller, so You are using a midi mapping. Midi mapping is not always a manual process. Your mapping file (settings for midi control) can be having issues, there for You need to delet the mapping and set it up again. In case of Serato when cleared out the mapping, You need to reconnect the controller that Serato loads the mapping from a new file.

If You have a KEY lock off, then You will hear the tempo change and pitch when nudging the jog wheel - this is normal in that case.

Thanks @noiseriser. I’ll check the midi mapping. Yeah the key lock definitely helps, but still seems to be more noticeable for a nudge than expected.

Cheers. Martin from New Zealand

Serato has two key lock

  1. Standard

  2. Pitch n time

which are you using?

What spec is the computer you are using eg CPU, RAM etc

Hi @mufasa I’ve tried Standard and Pitch n Time but there doesn’t seem to be a big difference in how the side of the platter responds to nudges.

Using a 2018 Macbook Pro, 2.9 Ghz i7 quad core, 16GB ram 1TB SSD with 400GB free (Serato tracks on internal drive), Os Catalina. 10.15.7

I kind of feel like I’m missing something here. A little nudge/drag SHOULD just pop the track a little bit to get the track 100% in sync. That’s how it was with my Roland DJ808.

Are MC7000 or other denon controllers KNOWN for having quite sensitive platters?

thanks for all your help.

Martin from New Zealand

Good information. So you don’t get this behavior with the dj-808 suggests that it’s something to do with the 7000. I had the MCX8000 years back , I didn’t not have encountered any platter issues.

Did you try another computer?

Did you try another program eg VDJ with the 7000?

Also, switch on key lock / key adjust / master tempo - that greatly reduces the audibility of any pitch nudging