Cheaper Chroma Caps Alternative

You can use the ones by Reloop for example. They`re around 15 Euro (8 pcs) and available in a lot of colors. Just put them on and they fit well even when they re a little bigger as the original ones:

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You mean you are willing to buy an 1800 euro controller, but the price of buying replacement knobs for customizing the unit can be prohibitive?

Did i write something like that? No. So is there anything really wrong with paying much less for nearly same pieces of plastic? Does anyone get hurt when you do so?

IMO even 15 Euros for 8 is a high price for what they are.

Small plastic knobs like this sell online (electronics stores) for well under 1 Euro each.

Chroma Caps come in more colors and orientations (so they will fit more devices). They often offer bundle prices for sets. If you can wait, they also have black friday deals every year. Last year was $1,99 per knob.

Sorry M8, I thought there was an OP who asked for cheaper knobs. Didn’t realize YOU were the OP, just reporting cheaper knobs. So, disregard previous transmission :smiley: