Channel sliders

hi guys I’ve posted in the mc6000mk2 forum as well, I’m looking for some channel faders in the uk, I believe looking at listings mcx-8000 and mc6000mk2 use the same ones, however in-music have told me these are no longer available (or certainly not under the mc6000mk2 part number) I’ve tracked down 3 places listing them 2 are out of stock, and one is in Canada but will only ship to the uk with a $190 minimum order. any help greatly appreciated

Try local DJ repair centres. They always seem to be able to find them.

I can only find a couple via google, so I have fired off an email to see if they will just supply parts rather than doing the whole repair.

Did you try calling the Denon spare parts department at their Ash Vale site?

I’ve not called them, I did however email in-music ( as I sent a message via the denon website which never got a reply.

anyhow Andrew Devine from in music came back to me saying in-music no longer carry the part and suggested I search via google for 3rd party suppliers. which has turned up 2 suppliers out of stock, and one in Canada with stock but won’t ship to the uk unless you spend $190.

I have contacted a guy on ebay who supplies replacement pioneer faders who said he maybe able to help, so fingers crossed he can find something. I wouldn’t of bothered as I use my mcx-8000 99% of the time, but for small karaoke gigs the mc6000 is ideal because of it’s compact size.