Channel faders

hi guys, I’m in the uk would anyone know of a supplier in the uk who would stock the channel faders for the mc-6000mk2. I have contacted in-music who have basically said we no longer stock the part and suggested searching 3rd party suppliers on google, only place I can find is in Canada. which is $22 a fader but a further $50 shipping and however long to arrive. I have searched companies such as RS & CPC with no luck. considering this fader is listed for several newer models as well, such as mcx-8000, mc-7000 & mc4000 I would of thought parts would still be available.

I don’t know how is delivery with these but here you go CHANNEL FADER - SLIDE POT - DENON MC4000 MC6000 MK2 MC7000 MCX8000 - 418-6K2-717

Try Clive at CRS1. It’s a repair centre and sales for disco equipment

The mc6000 is just about his favourite model, along with the hd2500

I tried them, they want $190 minimum order to ship to the uk, strangely they are blaming Brexit

Try these guys, just checked back my emails and I bought MC6000 tact switches from them in 2015

Have you friends stateside?

They can buy it and post it via USPS

PayPal them the cash.

That’s what I will do. Hell I will probably buy an extra pair. :grinning:

I don’t unfortunately, however I’ve been talking to guy on ebay who sells pioneerfaders so as these are NLA from in music he’s considering ordering some in to get to the minimum order to flog on ebay, it’s funny 2 faders listed one with denon part number is $22 but they also have one that fits the mc6000 and 7000,8000 etc and they are only $11