Channel fader volume error

My fader from channel 3 is doing something weird. When having it all the way up the song wich is on that channel will suddenly decrease volume. When I move the fader a little it comes back to full volume but every once in a while it does it again. Should I replace channel 3’s fader? It’s not as easy as the crossfader though.

Technically speaking, if you don’t move/touch the fader the volume changing would more likely have it’s origin in electronic circuits. But I am sure the Denon techiea can confirm that.

Well troubleshoting is simple: if it does it also in standalone mode it’s hardware (bad fader). Then you clean it and when it does it again you know it’s time to replace it.

HI @TomySanguinetti, please contact customer support who will advise on the next steps to get this resolved for you:

Regards J

I tried a little more things. Turns out that both central faders (chanels 1 & 2) decrease volume when they reach the top. If I put the faders down a tiny bit they will sound louder. When in standalone mode I connected an my phone via line input to chanels 3 & 4 and the faders work normally. Same case in Serato, channel faders 1 & 2 have this issue but 3 & 4 work fine. Seems to be a physical problem with the faders due to wear because I only use those two since I play exclusively in standalone mode.

This issue still exists. Channel faders work fine in standalone but do not work properly when using Serato. This hasn’t always been the case with my unit. It started within the past few weeks and there hasn’t been any software/firmware changes with Serato, my Mac Pro, or to the MCX8000. Again, channel faders are fine in standalone but the volume is either off or on with Serato (no fade whatsoever).

NOTE: I use Serato with my Pioneer DDJ-SZ and my Mixars Quattro with no issues. I switch between the three units depending on the event.

Then it’s not a hardware issue but software.

It’s obvious that it’s a software issue. I’m addressing it to Denon because I have equipment from other manufactures that work fine with my current laptop/Serato configuration. It appears to be some sort of ‘bug’ with the MCX8000 and it’s communication with Serato.