Channel Fader problem.

How to deal with or fix channel fader leaking audio, bad pot

Your best bet is to contact Denon support (link below). If you have warranty they will take care of you; if you do not, you can take it to an authorized repair shop.

If you just purchased it, why don’t you go back to the store you bought it from?

Check that you haven’t got FX Cue on

I bought it back in February from Dj Hookup, I followed the link you sent and sent a warranty claim to Denon. Haven’t heard back yet. Should I contact Dj Hookup? I can’t find anything from back in February about a warranty. I misplaced all the paperwork from the package it came in.

It has been mentioned here a few times by other users that Denon is backed up and slow to respond and considering they might ask you to send the unit back, I would definitely say try your luck with the store also. best case scenario would be for you to get another one from the store and they send this one back to Denon themselves. Most stores take down your info at the time of a purchase, if you had provided yours, I think you should be ok. Good luck for now and write back when you contact the store.

I’ve contacted both Denon and the Dj Hookup and so far no response, it’s been days and now my channel 4 is completely gone and I’m on my way to a show right now.