Channel 3 and 4 not working?

Hello , I was conecting my mobile phone to the cahnnel 3 input …

Somehow i am not getting any sounds trhu channel 3 and 4 ( as if they don’t work ) .

FOR CHANNEL 3 : So i set the channel “swits selecter” on top of the channel-strip on LN3…and in the back ( phone - line ) off course the input selecter swits to “LINE”…put the x-fader to the midlle or to the left side… and the channel 3 fader up …

What do i forget ? ( i have my laptop on channel 1 and 2 , working fine )

Greetings Mark

Hi Mark, did you get this solved?

I have the same problem



Duplication of other topic

Do you mean this one?

( Using line inputs 3 and 4 )

Since this one is older, I’ll leave it up, but the other already has more information in it.