Channel 1 + 2 Fader / Main problem


i have the mcx8000 about 1,5 years till now (just at home - no partys) and till now everything was good.

Since a few days i have a problem with channel 1 + 2 - the sound plays when the fader is at top and when it is down - just when the fader is at the middle the sound is gone. normally the sound is gone when the fader is down and when i go up the sound goes louder.

also the sound is very quite also the main is not loud enough even when it is full turn up on 100 %.

when i switch on channel 3 + 4 everything is fine, the main is normally loud the faders from channel 3 + 4 are working normally.

the problem is i play most of the time in standalone and in standalone i can only use channel 1 + 2. Playing with my mac and serato i can use 3 + 4 and here is all OK …

Can someone help me?

Sorry for my bad english :frowning:

If you are confident enough with your technical skills, you can open the unit and take the faders out for cleaning or replacement.

Hi! If you believe your faders are indeed bad and want to change them I suggest you consult a service center unless you are technically inclined. Disassembling the 8000 does require a level of technical know how. I’ve had mine apart and although not the worst job in the world it could be quite daunting for the inexperienced (I’ve been a tech for 26 years). It comes apart from the bottom with tons of screws and inside there are a few stacked boards that need to come out as you dig deep enough to get at the faders. If you tackle it takes lots of pics and good notes. Good luck!!

Hello @Sirosky, sorry to hear about your MCX8000. We definitely recommend reaching out for support via Service Center about your channel faders. Our Tech Support team will be more than happy to assist you in finding a repair center, please fill out a Support Form on our website.

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Maybe Denon DJ would consider eventually to release service and repair manuals for all their products, like they were in the past.

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