Changing which Serato deck is controlled by each SC5000

If it does not solve, send me an email … they take a while to respond

That’s normal, Serato mapped the unit that way.

Hi, It didn’t work that way before the repair. I could access all 4 decks from the unit like my other SC5000. The other unit is fine in Serato DJ.

I meant to upload this earlier but file too large. Have now chopped it down. Been on to Fenon and now awaiting a response. Hopefully soon.20190306_111502_1280x720_480x854.mp4 (9.3 MB)

I was refereing to the jog color when using it as SDJ controller, not the inability to control all 4 decks. You have no other option but to wait for Denon.

And Denon should really test the repaired units with SDJ also, there is already several cases od this.

the problem 'is exactly this. Send the email to Denon that they solve, may even mention that it is the same problem that the fern dj had they understood

Cheers, will do and thanks for all the feedback.

Did you have to send the SC5000 back to Denon or did they just email over some form of update? Thanks

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here in brazil is not authorized so I will send it to the email of my technician. but there were people who sent them back to denon

Ok, thank you

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:grinning:ok my friend