Changing the Drive Path Letter? Help!

Dear Denon, Is there any way you can add the option to change the “Drive Letter” within the DenonDJ2 folder? For an example: to change all the songs with a path to C: to any other available drive letter?

When I copy and paste the above mentioned folder to my new hard drive… all songs, subfolders show up perfect, but they will not load because they copied the drive path of the other laptop.

I’ve tried just simply reloading them from the new drive. Problem is… about 4,623 songs will not load. These same song files play fine on the original laptop that I copied the folder from. Also, I’ll lose all of my loops and cue points trying to reload them. All I need is to ability to change the Drive Letter within that data folder.

P.S. Changing the drive letter within Windows isn’t an option. Most software programs use C: as the default drive and will stop working if I change the drive letter. Even Engine places the very folder that I’m speaking of (DenonDJ2), on the C: drive by default.

As far as I understand a number of newer DJ programs now have distributed data models. This means it is no longer necessary to have all your tracks in one main folder. The flip side is that if you move stuff around it gets really confused.

I understand what you’re saying, but using Engine software, it needs a path, directory, or source to load the song file from. Just having the list of songs doesn’t work unless it points to the song file. So the folder that keeps “Engine’s” data on songs is my issue. By the way, I’m trying to add 286gb of music to an internal HHD’s desktop for home use. My mobile laptop works fine.