Changing soundcloud account from the player

Hi !

I would like to disconnect from my soundcloud account whose subscription has expired on my sc6000M to connect to a secondary soundcloud account whose Go + subscription is active.

I had the bad idea to revoke my players directly in the settings of my first soundcloud account and now when I tap on the soundcloud icon I get the following error message:

“Failed to connect to SoundCloud… Invalid response received from SoundCloud servers. Please try again.”

So I can’t go any further and therefore it is not possible to access the settings wheel on the screen.

I tried to follow the solution proposed at the bottom of this topic:

So I came back to firmware 1.5.2 but I can’t access to the soundcloud icon on the sc6000m screen (which seems logical because soundcloud was not supported on this firmware)

So I don’t understand how RobStolls could have access to the soundcloud settings wheel on version 1.5.2.

Can someone give me clearer information

Thanks all

A quick Google tells me SoundCloud has been around since firmware 1.4.2