Changing pictures

Hi Minor thing and could be more of a windows question, but is it possible to change the pictures associated with the MP3’s?.. I can’t find anywhere in Engine Prime, or Windows>properties but must be imbedded as equally there is no IMAGE folder for these either…

anyone know if it’s doable ?

Use a tag editor, like MP3Tag, you can change them in there, then right click the track and reimport info.

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This is closely related to the issue discussed here

A reload tags in Engine Prime as @yeltsin suggestested does not update all tags for tracks already part of the EP collection. Artwork is one of the tags that is not updated if its changed exeternally. (just checked again in EP 1.3.4 MacOS Catalina with an mp3).

Your only work around is

  1. change the artwork with a tag editor
  2. remove the the original track from the EP collection (you will lose cues, loops and analysis!)
  3. add the track again to EP

The problem of the reload tags no longer working was introduced with version 1.3.1 of EP. I demonstrated it almost a year ago here:

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