Changing order of Tracks in a Playlist Live

On the SC5000, is it possible to change the order of songs in a playlist at all? or do I have to do it in the Engine Prime first?

Sometimes, I change the order of my tracks live and would love to know how to do that.

AFAIK it needs to be done on the computer, (at least at this stage) May be an idea for a new enhancement?

Thanks for the reply.

That would be really cool. If you could hold a track down and move it to the position you want it in.

Just a thought.


No, on the SC5000 it’s not possible to change the order of tracks in a playlist, yet. It’s possible on the new Prime 4. Denon promised to make it possible in the very near future on the SC5000 as well. Fingers crossed! :wink:

Good to know that the Prime 4 has that functionality . That means that this can possibly be coded into the next firmware update for the 5000 line

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