Changing layers via touchscreen

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: First of all, I need to say that I really love the Prime Series! It’s just some awesome gear! I’ve got one SC5000 (since I can’t afford two right now) and an X1800. Now here is what I kind of dislike about using one SC5000:

I need to change layers a lot during one set and I am afraid of overusing that little layer changing button as well as I would sometimes feel more comfortable about using the touchscreen to do so. Therefore I would appreciate it, if it would be possible to change the layers directly via the touchscreen. Could you guys please add that feature?

I know that someone who doesn’t have needlock turned on could possbily touch the layer changing letter down on the very left hand side. So maybe you could implement that touching the letter on the screen only changes layers when you have needle lock turned on. Or maybe pushing the number of the player could be used for this feature. It would be great to have it right at the “Browser” bar on the left hand side, because when searching for a track you can easily and fast jump between the layers.

What do you guys think? How do you feel about changing layers when only using one SC5000?

Kind regards, John Bali

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I would surely hope that the button will hold several 10000 presses in its lifetime, but yes why not make it a setting of the player indeed!?

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I hope so too, but I also like to switch between using the touchscreen and using the hardware features during my workflow. I would just feel more comfortable if I could choose how to change the layer and it would be easier/faster sometimes changing the layer right on the screen during session. I hope they will implement it in a future firmware update since I don’t see any problem with adding this simple feature to the screen functionality.