#ChangeYourRider X1800 ...some open questions

Hi guys, well I wanna open a new topic but of my limited new user account I do it that way.

changeyourrider is message but if I will do I need some answers about my following questions to kick that plastic-bombers from throne. Many things/informations coming out to the SC5000 and for me they are some lost informations about the X1800.

  1. Will we be able to use the midi out for “clock” for example my Roland Aira stuff in a setup?
  2. Does the X1800 got also the function to put an effect via the crossfader select on each channels? For example playing effects on two or more channels?
  3. Will the effects section get an update like more effects by a firmware update?
  4. Can we change the sweep fx over software? (more effects soon like more than four?)
  5. How accurate is the auto bpm?(decimal place?)
  6. What can we do in the utility section?
  7. Why there is no LED indicator on the USB Ports?
  8. Any Date about Seraro ClubKit license?

Well i don’t get tickets for the forthcoming “musikmesse” in frankfurt so i ask here. best wishes kind regards Pierre from Germany

Things look great for some of your questions:

Going by the front panel alone:

There is a button marked Midi clock

The FX Assign knob has options for xfader A and xfader B - suggesting that whichever channels you assign to each side of the crossfader will get the fx

Extra effects added by firmware isn’t something that Denon has ever done on any previous mixers or decks and to be honest “difference” or “extra” is fine for a single owner/user but I could see problems forming if a DJ knowing that at home he/she can get from flange to beatbreaker by clicking the knob 3 clicks clockwise but mid-set at the club suddenly finds that 3 clicks clockwise gets them to “Whirly wah wah” or vice versa, could be why they’ve always kept the effects as per the factory.

In fact I recall on the DN-X1500, it had a menu option for basic 4 effects or ALL effects and people ended up making support calls asking why their mates 1500 had more/less effects than theirs etc.

USB leds? I’m not sure what you mean - I’ve seen Ethernet/RJ45 ports with data present LEDs, did you mean LEDs on the USBs for that? or just leds near the USB ports to help find their location in the dark? Or something else? With such a crisp display, I suspect that USB inserts/removes might be mentioned on the display.

Hi DJ Boothe, thanx for answering some of my questions. Some things would be make sense but would be nice, too.

Well the thing about that LED is like on the “you know which”, “it which must not be named” here …hahaha got an indicator and it’s for switching to midi mode. But I think the answer is in the utility menu. cheers Pierre


The MIDI out does send MIDI clock out of the 5-pin DIN connector, so you can sync whatever MIDI equipped gear you’d like The auto BPM goes to a 1/10th decimal place The Utility menu has quite a lot of options for things like EQ, filter, Headphone, Mic, Outputs, digital, etc…etc…etc… It reallly is quite an exhaustive list


Thanx Alan, sounds great. I will think about change. I must look and feel the stuff. I’ve asked about sending me a prime set for testing/checking but unfortunately it looks like only for “high ruler” / super artists. So must waiting for the gear but my deadline is the 10th of april where i buy new gear and until that it’s not out there…time will tell…hehe


  1. Update on above… You can send midi out with the MIDI button to USB or 5 pin Midi Output (select in Utility). Tempo for MIDI is selection of FX Channel Assign. Change FX Channel and press Midi button again to send new tempo.
  2. Already answered, yes X-Fader A or B (either side of the crossfader)
  3. Possibly for BPM FX, heard somewhere about firmware upgradable BPM FX in a video… but let’s try out the effects available by the time of release first :wink: And @DJ_Boothe, I understand your ‘clicking the knob 3 clicks clockwise’ concerns, but the order of FX List is customizable in the Utility menu :muscle:
  4. My guess for changeable sweep FX would be no, the sweep FX are printed on the hardware. Changing them would really confuse users, because the mixer does not do what it says.
  5. Already answered, 1 digit. Also BPM and timing can be shared from linked SC5000 players with Engine button.
  6. If not updated by firmware than it should be: Mic talkover settings, Mic EQ settings, Mic on booth settings - Channel EQ settings (ISO/EQ, High/Low crossovers and default) - Cue/Solo switch - FX return level - USB Audio routing and output and input levels - Digital out volume - Cross fade cut - Set pattern for a BPM effect - Adjust USB sampling rate - Filter resonance - Digital Thru On/Off - DVS Setup - MIDI (input chan, output chan, clock send USB and clock send 5PIN - Network settings adress (auto/static) - Engine Auto connect (auto/man), BPM FX list order customizing, Factory reset… And info on firmware, IP and MAC adress.
  7. The line/phono/digital and DVS also don’t have LED’s. Just don’t pull out your cable when playing through that input and you’re fine :joy: 8 Can’t help with this one, because i’m not from Denon or Serato…

Hey addie, NiCE update. I also saw that NAMM 2017 Video about adding BPM FX via firmware and it would be welcome from my side. A&H did it in there Xone:dB series and i found it iMPRESSiVE. That would be the small pieces which would make Denon DJ Products -top of the line- and set apart from others. Ok, i am with you that changing sweep FX can be confused in a live/club situation (it’s like the S9) because about that hardware button lettering but come on …four buttons. If I play I know my buttons and knobs and what they will do hehe. For studio situation it can be nice feature if the effects got studio quality. The thing about the USB was cleared…hehe I like sarcasm. kind regards Pierre

Hey, someone here to had the chance make a comparison in sound quality? How does theX1800 sounds? X1800 vs Xone:92 vs DJM900NXS2 (vs Rane MP2015) Please, don’t talking here about which Xone:92 version …some people think that there difference between the uk and china model. So let’s get the uk model hahaha The DJM900NXS2 I am sorry to tell- sounds iMPRESSiVE (don’t wanna tout/promote!!!) and for me is good enough and sounds also good like the analog Xone:92. I factored out the Rane MP2015 because for my opinion it can not mess with other mixers. The DJM sound level I think is the maximum level for playing big high quality club/festival PA.

It’d be good for you to look up the sound test that The Ministry of Sound (London) did with the X1800 and SC5000, instead of their previously used Pio mixer/deck combo - they were really impressed with the X1800 and 5000

From some reliable sources and my own - slightly biased, granted - observation I’d say the Denon is right up there with the best mixers in sound quality. I’d put it a the top 2, the other one not the Pioneer.

Totally imho, of course.

When will be the detailed manual available to download ?

Have you ever listened to the MP2015?

That could very well be the other top 2 candidate :slight_smile:

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Now I do have high expectations of the X1800 sound :grinning:


I searched on Google and came up short…

#startyourrider for me

Just ordered the mixer. I can’t wait to play on it.

It would be very important for me, that the beat FX will be get an update, because I miss the Spiral and the Crush on the beat FX and that bring the mixer on a new “outstanding” Level. Especially if there will be added for example 8-12 Effects in total (because I love all effects - 50 in Serato DJ).

I am always amazed at the amount of FX sometimes used.

Especially as it seems (exceptions exist) that those DJs that use endless amounts of various FX in their sets often seem to have a lesser grip of “knowing what must come next”. It’s like they are playing demo sets to show off technical skills, rather than being in touch with the audience and being their guide on a musical journey.

Just imho and my regular two cents worth.


The question is how much development went into the x1800. With all the hype about the sc5000 it feels a little bit awkward that there is almost no information about the mixer present except the few bullet points denon is providing.