Change the color of HotCues on the player

Sorry for the dummy question, I can’t figure it out, if possible at all… Can you change the color of Hot Cues on the player itself? If not will this come in the future? I would like to prepare my music on the players, intead of the PC software, just to practice all the stuff on the players, but this - I can’t figure out.

The reason behind, is just I like to make color codes for the cues, instead of names - so 4 example every break is blue or something. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

It was a request, but was closed as topic starter marked my comment as solution…

Ability to Adjust Hot Cue Color from Hardware

Sorry I’m pretty new around, as you already figured out likely. Do you somehow a link between devs and users, or just doing the forum for “fun”? Do you think they will add this? I would swear I seen this kind of feature on an SC6000 video…

Edit1: oh I see you re-opened that one. Shall we just get rid of this duplicate? I really sorry I did not find that discussion.

Yes, it’s for fun, but was asked to be a moderator so there is a link of course. Apart from that, you’ll see that there are way more forum members very active here and helping people.

Colors cannot be changed on hardware yet. It will pick a different color when adding new cues and loops, but you can only customize it afterwards or beforehand in Engine Prime at the moment.

I shall set a timer on this topic.

Thanks a lot, I think you can just get rid of this as there is the original one to follow up.

Yeah no worries. It’s good to have it in the search results. :wink:

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